Mattersight is a leader in enterprise analytics for customer-employee interactions. We capture, analyze, and create insight from unstructured “big data” phone conversations, emails, chat, employee desktop activity and other types of interactions to drive significant business value. Our SaaS delivery model combines powerful analytics with innovative solutions so that our clients achieve returns ranging from 3X to 10X the monthly user fee.

See What MattersTM in customer experience and satisfaction, first contact resolution, service operations cost, sales, student enrollment, and customer retention through Mattersight® Behavioral Analytics and our unique delivery model with Predictive Behavioral Routing, Performance Management, and Predictive Customer Analytics.

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In this 30 minute presentation, you will learn how our clients leverage personality to improve contact center business results.

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Personality Matters: Optimizing the Customer Experience

Learn how TriWest Healthcare Alliance leveraged personality to improve contact center call times, FCR, and customer satisfaction using Mattersight® Predictive Behavioral Routing.


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