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Mattersight is the leader in enterprise analytics for customer-employee interactions, delivering Mattersight® Behavioral Analytics as a managed service. We have invested in excess of $75 million to build powerful technology that captures, analyzes, and creates insight from unstructured conversations, emails, customer data, and employee desktop activity. 

In addition to capturing and analyzing large amounts of previously unstructured information, Mattersight's business model is founded on working closely with our clients to ensure they are driving significant tangible value from the insights generated by our software. Our clients leverage our technology and services to:

Mattersight builds strong, strategic relationships with enterprise organizations. The company is well positioned to create significant shareholder value based on the following:

  • Large and Untapped Market: We estimate the market potential for our analytics in the United States at $5+ billion per year. The market is very new, and we believe it is less than 5% penetrated.
  • Enterprise Analytics Footprint: Mattersight's technology applies millions of proprietary algorithms to previously unstructured and unanalyzed customer and employee interactions. Our analytics are used in service, sales, and collections calls centers. We have also deployed analytics applications for fraud, customer retention, and the back office.
  • Analytics as a Service in the Cloud:  Our analytics are delivered in the cloud, and virtually all of the company’s revenues are recurring.
  • Significant Returns for Our Customers: Mattersight's unique analytics and delivery model generates 3x to 10x returns for our customers.
  • Impressive Customer List:  The company has built an impressive customer list, including two of the top five HMOs, three of the top four Property & Casualty companies, one of the three largest retail banks, and one of the two largest Prescription Benefit Management companies.
  • Long-lasting Customer Relationships:  The company’s average revenue per customer is in excess of $1 million per year.  A typical contract is between $3 million and $20 million and runs for an initial duration of three to five years, with a number of the company’s earliest customers having signed extensions of an additional three to five years.
  • Significant Revenue Visibility: The company has a large contract backlog.

For more investor information, please contact Investor Relations.

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