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Be a Part of What Matters

Who is Mattersight?

Mattersight is dedicated to the application of innovative technologies combined with advanced, language-based, human behavioral modeling to drive business improvement for our customers.  Our vision requires a strong team of dedicated, intelligent, innovative, and highly-skilled individuals that believe in working together toward a common goal.  

We believe in the recognition, development, and advancement of individuals that exhibit:


Business Acumen

Continually striving to find more insights without letting opinion influence the results.

The ability to quickly make educated decisions and take action – good analysis of complex data beats perfect analysis too late.


Strong Ethics

An innovative and bold approach- anticipating our customers’ needs and meeting them with solutions that set new standards in analytics.

Always striving to be fair and transparent in all dealings and interactions.

Do you have what it takes? See available opportunities.

Why Mattersight? 

Our People

Mattersight believes in dedication, innovation and collaboration to help our customers reach their goals.  We build a culture that supports this by hiring and developing individuals that believe in these same values.  In addition to our mentoring, training and career development programs, we believe in cultivating a culture that team members enjoy being a part of.  

Our Culture

Mattersight prides itself on cultivating a culture that balances work with fun.  From new hire welcome parties to quarterly events to holiday celebrations, Mattersight knows how to have fun.  Here are some of our team’s personal favorites:

  • St. Patrick’s Day party with green libations
  • Ice cream socials to beat the heat
  • Halloween party  and costume contests
  • Hot chocolate or baked potato buffets to warm us up in the winter
  • Annual golf outing

Mattersight also believes that a well fed team is a happy team.  Mattersight keeps the teams well fed with drinks and snacks in our office kitchens and regularly catered lunches from some of the best restaurants in town.  

Our Offices

We have offices conveniently located in Chicago, Austin, and the Minneapolis Metropolitan Area.  Our offices are designed with a focus around communication and collaboration between team members.   Video game consoles, TVs, and ping pong tables in our offices offer an alternative way to bond with coworkers or just a way to take a well-deserved break.

Career Development

Mattersight is committed to hiring bright, talented, and passionate people.  Part of that commitment includes developing our team for career advancement through mentorship, training opportunities, and programs like U-Matter.  U-Matter  provides our team with a deeper understanding of our solution and how human behavioral modeling can be used to further develop personal and professional skills.   Mattersight also provides opportunity for personal development through programs like Toastmaster International .

Giving Back

Mattersight  believes strongly in the importance of giving back to the communities we are part of.   Our team coordinates a number of opportunities throughout the year, including student mentoring, helping out at animal shelters, blood drives, and more.   Team members have the opportunity to take time off from their work day to participate or to participate after hours. 

In addition to a great team and work environment, here are some of the other benefits Mattersight has to offer:

Commuter Benefits


Paid Holidays & Vacations

Health and Wellness Programs


Competitive Salary and Bonus

Community Outreach


401K and Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Flexible Spending Account

  Short/Long Term Disability Programs

Current Opportunities

Mattersight is always looking for top talent to join our team in our Chicago, Austin and Minneapolis Metropolitan offices.  Click here to see what positions are available and to apply. 

Our Team

At Mattersight, we hire intelligent and motivated talent and are committed to our team’s personal and career advancement.  We offer mentoring and training programs that allow all of our team members to develop and demonstrate their own unique talents.  Programs like U-Matter provide our team with a deeper understanding of our solution and how human behavioral modeling can be used to further develop personal and professional skills.   

Here are some of the schools we recruit from:


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