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The partnership between Mattersight and Accenture combines Mattersight’s Predictive Behavioral Routing (PBR) and Analytics technologies with Accenture’s consulting and program management services at enterprise scale to enable Fortune 500 companies to maximize the value of existing contact center investments, strengthen the customer experience, and improve operational performance.

Mattersight’s language-based PBR technology drives better experiences and greater visibility by analyzing past agent performance to pair callers with the best contact center agent to resolve conversations. Through the Analytics technology, it adds more than 1,000 data attributes to each conversation, enabling scenarios, such as predictive customer satisfaction scoring, which generates immediate insight across all calls.

Accenture provides the strategy and execution to help apply and manage PBR and Analytics for strategic transformation to maximize ROI, quality management, compliance, and operational improvement (i.e., reduction of transfers) at scale.

This partnership delivers:

  • Integration of Mattersight’s proprietary data gathered through more than one billion calls to get better insight and quality management.
  • Expertise to apply and manage Accenture’s Zero Based Budgeting approach, which keeps enterprises cash flow positive from day one.
  • Ability to improve sales performance through routing and also infuse machine learning to get deeper visibility into the contact center to improve operational performance and optimize productive time through call management, compliance, service effectiveness, etc.