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Over half of consumers say that their number one annoyance is speaking to agents who don’t understand their needs. In fact, 92 percent would pick their ideal contact center agent if they could. Mattersight’s personality-based products answer their call.

By using one of the world's most innovative personality models to analyze personality, Mattersight has been able to consistently demonstrate that when two personalities click, their conversation is naturally going to be smoother and more productive. Pulling this off in a contact center has serious implications. It translates into higher satisfaction scores, decreased churn, improved sales conversions, and lower costs.

Mattersight is the only B2B technology company with exclusive rights to use Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model® (PCM), which was adopted by NASA in the late 1970s to help with the selection and training of astronauts. PCM has widespread applicability. In the 1990s, Bill Clinton leveraged PCM to help identify with voters during his first Presidential campaign. Today, PCM is being used to improve interactions in schools, businesses, and beyond.

Because PCM is language-based, Mattersight can passively capture customer personality data without requiring the user to complete a survey. Using voice or text, Mattersight's technology is able to infer a customer’s communication preferences, psychological needs, distress patterns, and personality profile—all by analyzing the customer interaction.

Mattersight leverages PCM across its products, having used it to accurately analyze more than one billion conversations to date from which more than 10 million behavioral algorithms have been written to help enterprises have more effective conversations.

With six distinct personalities in PCM (summarized below), each personality style possesses a unique set of attributes, skills, and strengths.


Responsible, Logical
& Organized


Compassionate, Sensitive
& Warm


Dedicated, Observant &


Spontaneous, Playful
& Creative


Adaptable, Persuasive
& Charming


Imaginative, Reflective
& Calm