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increase in application rates


improvement in conversion rates


in increased registration revenue


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The Challenge

To cater to digitally native students who are constantly exposed to new information, this organization realized their Recruitment Department needed innovative technology to deliver deeper insights and better strategies for their conversations with students. Mattersight captures conversation data from phone calls and applies linguistic algorithms and business context to uncover insights and potential opportunities. Access to this information gives the company a huge competitive advantage, allows their institutional partners to better understand student needs, and ultimately helps improve the application experience.

The Solution

Mattersight developed a customized coaching platform, applied 1,500+ hours of training and development to the organization’s employees, and focused on improving agent interactions with current and prospective students. The results were more effective conversations with students and a streamlined application process. Quickly recognizing value in this program, the company invested in a five-year, exclusive agreement with Mattersight and started mapping out next steps.

They wanted to shift the focus from coaching on past student interactions to predicting the outcomes of future student interactions. Using the wealth of student conversation data, Mattersight developed a model predicting the likelihood that a prospective student would apply to a program with an institutional partner after an interaction with the Recruitment Team. Every conversation with the Recruitment Team was “scored” on a range from 1-10, 10 being that the student was 100% likely to applying. The predictive scores were then automatically integrated into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application,

“We got a much deeper understanding of the relationship between our Program Managers and our prospective students. That’s really helping us inform our training programs, our onboarding, and a lot of the programs that make our managers better at what they do every day."

-Vice President of Enrollment, Education Services Company

The Results

Based on insights about students’ needs and the predictive scores, the Recruitment Team created a more targeted and personalized outreach strategy. Quickly, they saw better and more engaging conversations between students and the Recruitment Team, leading to better outcomes. Some highlights include:

  • Increased registration revenue
  • Increase in application rates due to customized coaching initiatives
  • Improvement in conversion rates for groups using predictive scoring
  • Reduced time and effort due to Salesforce integration

Mattersight has recorded and analyzed nearly all of the organization’s calls over the last three years, providing valuable insights to their business. From customized coaching to predictive scoring, the company has been able to leverage Mattersight insights to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Future/Next Steps

The education company is currently in the process of rolling out additional predictive models to drive further benefit. Once this phase is complete, Mattersight will work with additional business groups across the organization. Mattersight’s software has left an impact on the organization by increasing application rates for higher education institutions and positively transforming the student experience with every call.

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