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reduction in Average Talk Time (ATT)

Full-site deployment

in 30 days


operational costs


fortune 100 pharmacy benefit manager






The Challenge

As the point of contact for mail-order prescription issues, this PBM’s contact center fills a critical organizational role. Members contact this center regarding the most important and sensitive aspect of their lives: their health. The contact center also was experiencing a high attrition rate. The hiring and training costs were a source of significant budget drain.

With such high costs, the contact center had been identified as an area ripe for cost-cutting…with a catch. The cuts absolutely could not come at the expense of service quality. The enterprise turned to Mattersight to help it meet the challenge.

The Solution

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing (PBR) was ideal to meet this PBM’s need for an affordable way to lower contact center costs while elevating customer experience. The proprietary technology identifies an individual caller’s (member) personality type based on collected behavioral data. It then routes that call to the available agent who is best able to successfully communicate with that personality type, based on the agent’s past performance data. By pairing members and agents who are most likely to have a natural, effortless rapport, conversations are shorter, more effective, and more satisfying.

“A very compelling business case, with an average of one minute eliminated on every phone call, made it easy for us to roll this out across the enterprise.”

-Client Customer Care Director

The Results

Within a matter of weeks, the tool was implemented to an initial subset of the customer's agents with no disruption to the contact center. The impact was instantaneous. Call quality immediately began to change, and call length began to drop. Within two weeks the PBM saw a 13% reduction in Average Talk Time (ATT) for calls routed by PBR versus calls that were routed using its default method. While ATT improved for all agents, it was most significant among those who had previously logged the longest calls.

See how Predictive Behavioral Routing can benefit your contact center.

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