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The Challenge

It’s happened to all of us: You start out with one destination in mind, and along the way, something catches your eye that leads you in an entirely different and even better direction. That’s exactly what happened to this leading telecommunications giant when it partnered with Mattersight to elevate its customer experience for its millions of users.

The Solution

In the early stages of the linguistic modeling process, Mattersight’s Customer Success teams uncovered a number of inappropriate behaviors on the agent end when analyzing the telecommunication’s contact centers’ unproductive outbound calls. The issues ranged from abandoned calls to calls being put on hold prematurely. Upon building a set of algorithms to systematically uncover similar types of behaviors, the team was able to trace these behaviors to specific outsourcer sites, which were contributing to high repeat call rates, unnecessary expenditures, and significant customer dissatisfaction.

The telecommunications giant quickly took action upon the insights provided by Mattersight and engaged Mattersight to prevent something like this from happening at any of its contact centers again. Mattersight created a custom Performance Reporting Dashboard, which:

  • Provided an “end to end” view of its contact center operations
  • Aggregated data and trends from owned and outsourced sites
  • Enabled the company to view and monitor activity by contact center, supervisor, and specific agent, and extract exactly the information they wanted in a clear, succinct report
  • Drove performance with adjustable measures, metrics, and analytics

“[A] great platform to generate insights and coach...This is a big upgrade over our previous tool. We don’t want to go back!"

-Client Front Line Manager

The Results

Through a combination of advanced technology and skilled human input, Mattersight was able to:

  • Identify a problem that, though virtually invisible, was costing this client significant money and untold customer satisfaction and goodwill
  • Work with the client and its outsourcer partners to address the situation
  • Execute both an immediate solution and a permanent, scalable one

In addition to seeing an immediate reduction in unproductive behaviors, the client is now able to listen to every call at every contact center, hearing and proactively responding to the critical information it couldn't hear before. The projected annual benefit of Mattersight's complete performance improvement strategy for this business unit alone is estimated to be over $30 million.

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