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The Challenge

This leading U.S. retailer has been in business for more than 150 years. It uses its historical experience, talented associates, and iconic status to attract and keep customers. The retailer shifted with the industry by combining its physical stores, online sites, and a mobile app, to make the shopping experience more convenient for its customers. However, it knew it couldn’t stop there. To raise its level of customer service and remain relevant within the highly competitive retail landscape, it needed to further hone in on its customers’ needs and offer an even better shopping experience.

The client decided to use technology to help them ensure that each customer has the best experience possible. Finding a trusted partner to embark on this technology journey was the first step.

The Solution

With Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing (PBR), the retailer found a technology that helps improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Mattersight combines artificial intelligence with a proprietary database containing more than 120 million behavioral profiles to optimize customer routing.

With PBR, calls that now come into the contact center are agent best equipped to handle the customer’s unique personality style. These better agent/customer connections lead to better and more efficient experiences for the customer.

“Mattersight is a trusted partner who has driven tremendous value for us in terms of cost-cutting. The rollout of Predictive Behavioral Routing has paved the path for us to do so much more, and we look forward to building on our relationship with Mattersight.”

- SVP of Credit & Customer Service of Fortune 500 Retailer

The Results

After a seamless implementation, the retailer saw improvements to the customer experience and drove, “Tremendous value in terms of cost-cutting.”

  • $4 million in annual savings
  • More than 60 seconds saved on routed calls (versus non-routed calls)
  • Technology that supports 5,000 contact center agents and 12.5 million calls per year

The quick wins generated by PBR have paved the path for this retailer to continue exploring ways to further enhance the customer experience and drive cost efficiencies with Mattersight.

See how Predictive Behavioral Routing can benefit your contact center.

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