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The Challenge

Making it their mission to ensure veterans get the health care they need, this organization acts as a liaison between the VA and veterans to schedule and manage appointments. Beyond coordinating the best healthcare experience possible, their support of veterans carries throughout the rest of their business. They hire former military and their family members, and support other organizations with similar values.

With the growing number of veterans in need and plans to create 10 new contact center locations, the company knew they needed a technology system that would aid them in providing unparalleled, top-notch support.

The Solution

Over the last decade, the company has worked with Mattersight to leverage technology to capture and analyze phone conversation enabling better call outcomes with veterans. After adding Predictive Behavioral Routing (PBR) in 2015, the client now leverages the technology across 1,500 agents and 10 sites nationwide, including 150 agents who work from home. Together, the two technology solutions facilitate a more personalized conversation between agents and veterans. Mattersight captures and analyzes 100% of the calls between the company and veterans, generating thousands of data elements per conversation. This data is then leveraged to provide insights to improve future interactions, particularly in areas of distress. In tandem, PBR uses this data, plus a proprietary database of personality profiles, to pair veterans with the agent best suited to handle their call. This results in more satisfying calls, reduced average handle time (AHT), and better call outcomes.

Additionally, Mattersight also provides a coaching solution to give supervisors the ability to coach agents on how to improve the veteran experience and reduce non-interaction time (NI). One key insight is the amount of NI time (silence and hold time), which is highly correlated with customer satisfaction. To achieve the organization’s goals, supervisors are held accountable for coaching through weekly reporting. They also are trained on how to use the tools to write effective feedback and deliver two customized coaching sessions per month to each representative. These sessions give the organization the potential to gain a deeper understanding of calls while seeing quick, measurable improvements.

"Mattersight has been consistent in helping us reach our goals for more than 10 years. We have exceeded our ROI plans and have been far more successful than what we had originally targeted. We set goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year and we hit those goals in about six months."

-VP, Corporate Operations

The Results

Since rolling out analytics and PBR, the company has reached its initial goals of reducing both AHT and NI. This has led to more efficient scheduling, reduced veteran effort and improved operational efficiency. With fewer agents working on inbound calls, the staff has more capacity to make outbound calls to secure appointments for veterans.

  • Reduction in NI on calls coming into the organization
  • FTE savings
  • Overall reduction in calls due to PBR

The combination of Mattersight’s innovative solutions proved to make significant impacts on both call outcomes and the veteran experience.

Next Steps

After experiencing efficiency improvements through reduced non-interaction time, the company is looking into an initiative to work with personality-based connections to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT). The organization plans to use Mattersight's proprietary Process Communication Model (PCM) internally to structure their feedback to each other based on personality styles and behavioral differences. This has the potential to lead to more improvements within their workplace and strengthen their professional relationships.

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