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The inside scoop on how to make your job, business, relationships and entire life BETTER using the power of personality

pm-podcast-logoYou know those great conversations?

The ones that pull everyone in and get everyone talking?

The ones that are so fun, funny and interesting, you wish they’d go on forever?

The ones you’re still thinking about days, even weeks later?

Here at Mattersight, we have those great conversations about personality. And we want YOU in on them!

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A Personality-Based Guide to Better Gift Giving

Do you get stressed out by the prospect of gift-giving? Relief is here! With a little personality awareness, finding the perfect present is easy. In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

• Identify the different personalities on your gift list
• Understand what each personality style *really* wants in a gift
• Give everyone something they’re sure to love

Our personality pros even share specific gift ideas for each style!

How to Show Appreciation to Every Personality Style

We all need to feel recognized and valued by the people in our lives — in other words, to feel appreciated. When that need is met, job performance, relationships and happiness flourish. When it isn’t, they suffer. In this episode, you’ll discover:

• What appreciation means – and sounds like – to each personality style (hint: not the same!)
• The words and phrases you can use to make the different personalities in your life feel truly appreciated
• How to know when someone is saying they appreciate you … even if it isn’t in the words you want to hear

Parenting with Personality

From the moment they’re born, kids are full of personality, which can be a source of tremendous joy and tremendous frustration – sometimes in the very same moment! In this episode, you’ll discover how to tune into, identify and respond to your kids’ personalities in different situations and at different stages of their lives, so that you can minimize conflict and miscommunication and maximize connection.