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Richer Conversation Data

Powerful algorithms convert each conversation into thousands of actionable data elements.

Actionable Insights

Analyze every second of every customer conversation to proactively impact customer satisfaction and purchasing intent.

Intuitive Data Visualization

An easy-to-use portal allows for quick insight analysis and conversation visualization.

Analytics Product Suite

Predictive NPS

Integrate your existing satisfaction survey with Mattersight's powerful behavioral algorithms to automatically predict NPS scores on every customer conversation.

Predict Customer Satisfaction

Powered by behavioral analytics, conversation data and historical survey scores, we predict how customers would respond to your existing satisfaction survey.

Score 100% of Conversations

Traditional surveys come with selection biases and low response rates. Deliver the insight you need without the need to survey all your customers.

Actionable Insights

The depth of survey insights allow you to drive actionable steps throughout the organization.

Predictive Metrics

When you combine your CRM or survey data with Mattersight Analytics, you can use call outcomes to make smarter business decisions.

Predict Customer Behavior

From purchasing intent to customer satisfaction, powerful algorithms uncover insight into your customers' behavior.

Score 100% of Conversations

Gather the data and insights necessary not only to understand what your customers intend to do next, but why they are doing it.

Immediate Impact

Robust customer insights allow you to proactively address customer needs and drive action throughout your organization.


Proactively identify and report on key events.

Enhance Customer Experience

Be promptly notified when customer life events (birth, death, marriage) are discussed to better service your customer needs.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Get alerts when customers have poor experiences with the contact center and proactively resolve the issues.

Reduce Risk

Receive alerts allowing quick mitigation of potential fraud or compliance risks surfaced on a customer conversation.

API Platform

Access thousands of data elements through Mattersight’s open API platform.

Open Access

An open platform to access our rich conversation data and perform your own analysis.

Eliminate Barriers

API supports batch and real-time streaming as well as push and pull models.

Promote Innovation

Our data is not just limited to the contact center. Share insights with functional partners in sales and marketing, data science, compliance, finance, and operations.

Automatic Call Categorization

Automatically categorize 100 percent of calls against enterprise and organic libraries to reduce the need for agents to select a call reason in agent desktop applications.

Turn Seconds Into Dollars

Agents spend unnecessary time on every call to determining the call reason(s). Use analytics and linguistics to automate this process.

Increase Consistency and Compliance

Existing call categorization libraries are complicated and applied inconsistently. Ensure categorization rules are applied uniformly on every call.

Improve Insights

Recognize trends. Aggregate results across the customer journey to measure customer effort.

Trending Topics

Synthesize your unstructured conversation data into customer sentiments. Tie insights to your CRM data to improve business outcomes.

Unsupervised Call Topics

Automatically identify contents and prevalence of conversation topics.

Promote Customer Intimacy

Understand what your customers care about through near real-time voice of the customer insights.

Drive Business Outcomes

Tie customer sentiments to business outcomes. Understand what topics lead to cancellation, purchase intent or satisfaction.

See how you can use customer conversation data to drive better business outcomes.

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