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Our award-winning routing solution uses millions of proprietary algorithms and unique predictive models to instantly identify and connect the ideal customer/agent personality pairings in your call center. The interactions that result have a positive impact on every metric that matters, including average talk time (ATT), first call resolution (FCR), CSAT, sales, retention, service costs, and more.

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  • See what amazing improvements other clients have experienced with this award-winning solution

Find out how much personality matters to your business!

“Great technology”

Mattersight is a great technology for call centers.

– Eric Tracy
VP Customer Contact Centers, Unum

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“A great tool...”

The well-organized and insightful dashboard allows us to quickly identify areas of opportunity, resulting in more targeted coaching.

– Stephen Arnold
VP Guest Assistance & Customer Care, Hilton Worldwide

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“BA is the way!”

I am a huge advocate for this program. I don’t see why any corporation, company or anybody would not have a purpose for this.

– Thomas Sachenbacher
Senior Operational Trainer, UnitedHealth Group

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