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Knowing the voice of your customer is important in understanding how they feel about your products or services, and predicting their next move. How do you get that information, though? Customers today are less motivated to complete surveys because they often believe their feedback won’t make a difference, they are too busy, and the process can be unengaging. Some Forrester clients have even predicted that collecting traditional surveys soon won’t even be an affordable option to gather customer feedback.

Predictive metrics can be a solution to these challenges, and a useful way to understand customer needs. Specifically, a predictive Net Promoter Score* (NPS) automatically predicts the score a customer would give following an interaction without the need for an actual survey. NPS removes biases from survey results and is affected by both positive and negative customer experiences. Positive includes low-effort calls, resolution discussion, and life event discussions, and negative includes non-interaction time, transfers, and agent miscommunication.

Here are five ways you can benefit from predictive metrics:

  • Reduce survey burden on your customers.
    • Small sample sizes, the high cost of implementation, and customer survey fatigue are just a few challenges preventing organizations from getting survey results. Predictive surveying replaces and reduces the need for manual surveys, offering a way for businesses to score 100% of their conversations.
  • Coach agents and provide unbiased and actionable feedback.
    • Predictive drivers can provide actionable results for coaching. Predictive NPS can be used to compare agents, teams, and managers. This provides a more comprehensive view of all interactions and allows organizations to see the bigger picture.
  • Manage outsourcers.
    • Predictive NPS can be used to evaluate outsourcer performance and helps you understand performance relative to the metrics that matter to you. This way, it’s possible to hone in on outsourcers and agents who have the most impact on overall performance.
  • Improve CX by integrating into routing.
    • Routing based on personality and behavioral characteristics sends customers to the agents who can best handle their issue. When combined, these routing rules based on NPS transform the overall customer experience.
  • Provide feedback for experience and product design.
    • It’s possible to turn the insights gained from predictive metrics into outcomes that benefit the experience or product you provide. Gathering outcomes that predict CSAT scores makes you more aware of where you are performing well and where you can improve.

When a contact center has better insight into what their customers want, it becomes easier to improve the customer experience (CX). Better knowledge of their needs allows businesses to adjust their strategies accordingly and drive better outcomes.

Earlier this year, Mattersight hosted a webinar with Temkin Group’s CCXP Managing Partner & Customer Experience Transformist on how to use predictive metrics to your advantage. Mattersight’s Data Science Product Manager and Senior Data Scientist & Director of Insights and Analytics presented their knowledge on this solution and shared how Mattersight delivers predictive NPS today. Together, they demonstrated the power of NPS and the ways organizations can convert untapped data into results.

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the webinar, you can download and view here.

*Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. (now a part of NICE, Ltd.), and Fred Reichheld.