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Yes, it does! Workplace motivation is essential for employees to do well and feel good about their work. When employees are motivated, they’re more likely to make choices that lead to the best outcomes for everyone. Employee motivation, customer experience, and financial performance all depend on each other to lead to more progress.

According to a Forrester report, companies with happier employees see 81% higher customer satisfaction. To achieve a more positive outlook at work, people need independence and a sense of purpose. By offering words of encouragement and praise, there is greater potential for increased employee engagement and productivity, directly affecting customer experience and financial performance.

I personally believe in motivation, reward, recognition, and most importantly, people. Looking back, however, I realize that I sometimes motivated people the way that I wanted to be motivated. It came from a place of beliefs, values, convictions, and respect. I have learned from Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model that Personality matters in motivation and motivation is most effective when it is about the employees’ preference; this is tied to their personality style’s psychological need.

So, over the past decade, I have been getting better about tailoring my motivation. Here are some observations on each personality style:

  • Organizers need recognition of work and time structure. They want their work acknowledged through awards, bonuses, or a pat on the back. When praising their work, be precise about the accomplishments. “You did a good job of succinctly explaining the project plan in today’s meeting.”
  • Connectors need recognition of person and sensory input to stay energized. Focus on the people aspect of their work and tailor their praise to who they are. “You brighten my day!”
  • Originals have a need for contact through excitement and fun interactions. A simple high-five is a great way to show an Original that you appreciate the work they do. “Awesome!”
  • Advisors need recognition of convictions and work to feel respected for their beliefs, contribution to a team, and inclination to do the right thing. Explain to them how their commitment impacts their team and the company. “Thank you for your commitment to our customers!”
  • Doers need incidence, or a great deal of excitement, in a short period of time. Keep information short and focused on action so the Doer can get things done. “Hands down, you’re #1!”
  • Dreamers need quality alone time to self-reflect and recharge. Offer Dreamers motivation that is clear, direct, and impersonal to let them know you appreciate them. “Good work. Thank you.”

We all need positive motivation from time to time, so it’s important to create a culture that acknowledges employees for their work. Motivating your employees in the way they best respond to can leave them with a more positive outlook, and they’ll continue to pass on that positivity. By paying close attention to your employees’ needs, the outcomes can be great for them, you, and your company.