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Vacation. At times, this can be a dreaded word for all personality styles! Aligning multiple people on schedules, destinations, travel, restaurants, and sightseeing can be daunting, yet we do it every year! I just spent a few days at the Intercontinental Hotel in Estoril, Portugal and the restaurant is on the third floor overlooking the pool and the ocean. A wonderful place to have a glass of wine and an interesting spot to personality watch – two of my favorite things! Here are some of today’s observations:

  • The Organizer who finishes the two newspapers and the magazine he brought asks his wife if she is ready to leave. “No,” she says. He looks around and picks up the suntan lotion bottle and starts reading it. He also starts sharing his new knowledge. She’s now ready to leave.
  • The Connector in the pastel floral swimsuit with a matching cover-up returns her towels to the pool attendant. He tells her she doesn’t need to do that. With a big smile, she says, “I didn’t want to make more work for you!”
  • On July 4th, an American – and another Organizer – is looking for an electrical outlet for his phone. He says to his clearly exasperated partner: “I’ll relax once I know they got my email.”
  • The Original with the most colorful swim trunks, hat, and expressive animation enters the unheated pool with the cool ocean breezes. It worked! He receives a round of laughter from those around the pool sharing in his ‘of-the-moment’ experience!
  • There is an Advisor explaining to her friends that layering an SPF 20 and an SPF 30 does not equal SPF 50. She says the makers of suntan lotion should really explain that on the labeling. And skin cancer is on the rise… “I can tell you right now…”

And this is all while relaxing at the pool. Whether it be at work or at play, we are who we are. Live your personality well, and let your personality stand out this summer.