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For many students graduating this season, the hard work they’ve put towards their education isn’t over yet. A large percentage of those who’ve earned their undergrad degrees are now seeking full-time jobs where others may have chosen to further their education through graduate school.

While either of these new beginnings have their own set of challenges, for those continuing on to grad school, finding the right program, the thought of more financial debt, and the need to balance grad school with side jobs can intensify the stress.

One company has made it their mission to make this process easier. Providing B2B services to more than 30 higher education programs, this organization supports the design and implementation of programs that meet the needs of today’s students. They exist to ensure that students are supported throughout each stage of their education.

In order to cater to these digitally native students, who are constantly bombarded with information, this organization sought innovative technology to deliver deeper insights that would help them personalize and improve the experience during this extremely important time in their lives.

Enter Mattersight. Since 2013, we’ve been proud to support this organization and the students they work with. One of the ways we’ve done this is by leveraging our unique AI-driven solutions to capture insightful data from the phone call interactions between the organization and the students they cater to.

This insight includes the identification of students’ personalities and predicting the likelihood that a prospective student would apply to a program with an institutional partner. With this information and a uniquely designed coaching strategy, the organization is able to personalize the way they interact with students, reduce time and effort, improve conversation scores and increase application rates.

More than ever, graduate students need a support system to keep them informed, simplify the process, and alleviate unnecessary stress. Easing this process not only allows them to achieve their educational dreams, but it also helps them balance those dreams with their work and personal life. We’re proud to be a part of this.

Congrats to all of those graduating this season!