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Welcome to our new website! In today’s world, the volume and speed at which information is produced can be tiresome and overwhelming. To help operations and contact center professionals cut through the clutter and create exceptional customer conversation outcomes, we embarked on a way to make it easier to leverage our insights and services quickly and efficiently to enhance your enterprise’s bottom line results.

We redesigned our site to streamline the content journey and optimized it for mobile so you can access our services and support when and how you want to, and get where you want to go more easily.

Following is a quick rundown of what’s new and how you can take advantage of all the new site has to offer.

A Comprehensive Resources Area

We’ve reorganized! Within our resources area, you’ll find best-in-class research, analysis, and current perspectives on issues that matter to enterprise contact center leaders; learn how personality can be a driving force behind customer experience and your overall enterprise contact center performance; and have access to tools and leading research to help you improve and transform your contact center operations.

We’ve also made it easier to dig into our insights by organizing our findings into four actionable categories: Personality, AI and Machine Learning, Customer Experience, and Data Security and Privacy, and created filters to make your research more efficient.

A New Benefit Calculator

Our new benefit calculator shows you the savings for your enterprise when you implement behavioral call routing for your contact center. By answering just a few questions, you can see the potential realized savings for your enterprise with behavioral call routing, and request a detailed report to get you started.

A Greater Connection to Our Products and Services

The new site gives visitors a unique glimpse into the power of personality and how it truly differentiates Mattersight’s product suite from other contact center routing solutions. We show how Predictive Behavioral Routing helps customers have more impactful conversations with contact center agents to deliver sustained improvement in outcomes for any type of contact center, and a measurable impact on your bottom line.

We provide clearer examples of where Predictive Behavioral Routing and other Mattersight products are being used to drive value across enterprise contact center operations. For example, you can learn how a 150-year old Fortune 500 retail brand generated $4M in annual savings by routing calls to the best available agent based on customer personality. Or how Mattersight helped a Fortune 500 telecommunications company uncover a surprising problem and then implement a tool we built for them to improve overall contact center operations.

A Better Connection to Us

The new site also allows customers to reach us quickly, with easy-to-find links to support and a future log-in area where customers can have direct access to their portal.

Whether you’re pressed for time and need to reach us quickly, or you have a moment for research and reflection, we’ve designed our new website to connect our unique services to the individual needs of your business. Let us know how we can help.

And as always, any comments or suggestions you have are welcome!