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Later this week, I am heading to Cascais, Portugal for the 2018 Process Communication Model World Conference. The event brings together industry leaders for a weekend of learning, sharing innovations and best practices, and community networking, all centered around Dr. Taibi Kahler ‘s illustrious creation.

From helping NASA pair astronauts for space missions, to improving the communication and negotiation prowess of leaders like Bill Clinton and General Wesley Clark, PCM has had a truly incredible impact on the world. And today, its influence is only increasing.

One area where this is true is the contact center; the place we turn to when we need support. Contact center interactions can be extremely emotional. In fact, a past Mattersight Personality Labs piece, which analyzed more than 118,000 customer service calls at 11 large enterprises, found callers exhibited emotional signs of anger 54 percent of the time during the first half of the call.

And while things like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have had an incredible impact on how the contact center operates, no technology today is a match for an angry or frustrated customer. This is where PCM comes in. By training and coaching agents to understand different personality types and leveraging technologies to route customers to the agents they are most likely to click with, Mattersight has seen a dramatic increase in successful customer interactions as measured through key metrics such as NPS, FCR, reduced AHT, and ultimately, the performance of enterprises employing this technology.

During my session, “A Billion Conversations and Growing,” I will be exploring Mattersight’s revolutionary use of Predictive Behavior Routing (PBR) — the matching of contact center agents to customers using PCM and how it can make contact centers more efficient and profitable. Attendees will hear some of our most recent PBR case studies and hear the PCM personalities from customers. Additionally, I will touch on the importance of weaving personality understanding into the workplace and what that has meant for our team at Mattersight.

We can’t wait to share our experience and hear from the many other global experts on how PCM is impacting their industries and what we can all do to harness its power. We hope to see you there!