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In our latest news, Mattersight announced the addition of four new patents. These inventions not only represent Mattersight’s commitment to creating innovative technology, but also the vision for the future.

Personality-based Chatbot and methods allows digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home to modify its interactions with users based on their personalities. The chatbot measures distress in the user’s language and determines if the assistant’s responses are helpful to the user. Analyzing the user’s language and establishing the user’s personality type allows the digital assistant to carry out the user’s instructions more efficiently in its next response.

Using speech analytics, Face-to-face communications analysis via mono recording system and methods predicts a customer’s personality type through in-person interactions in public spaces like stores and banks. Doing so will give companies a better understanding of how to interact with their customers.

The last two patents, both called Methods and Apparatus for Identifying Fraudulent Callers, identify if an unknown caller is a known fraudster. Leveraging biometrics and analyzing a speaker’s voiceprint reveals the most distinctive features of a voice. The recorded voiceprint is then run through a database containing the voiceprints of known fraudulent callers, and is compared to any potential matches. These patents will make it more difficult for known fraudsters to commit fraud.

With the addition of these inventions, Mattersight closed 2017 with a total of 45 U.S. patents. We are excited to unveil new technology to create better experiences across all kinds of interactions. Thank you to everyone at Mattersight who made this possible!