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Businesses live and die on the strength of their customer relationships. And for most businesses, those relationships are primarily managed in the call center.

Because call center conversations are often the only human connections customers have with your company, they are extremely meaningful to those customers. The quality of those conversations profoundly influences how your customers view your product, what they say about your service, and whether or not they continue to give you their business.

This study reveals the remarkable short- and long-term impact of our Predictive Behavioral Routing solution on the call center conversations and, consequently, on several critical metrics of a composite organization based on four Mattersight clients who are currently deploying this solution. Using Predictive Behavioral Routing, these clients saw near-immediate improvements in virtually every key area, including:

  • A 19.8% improvement in average talk time (ATT)
  • A $650,000 reduction in hiring costs
  • A projected 344% ROI over a three-year period
Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact of Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing