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Contact centers are no different from enterprises as a whole, swimming in a sea of insightful data. Yet, understanding how to utilize that data and where an enterprise is in its customer analytics journey is critical to creating superior and differentiated customer experiences.

Contact centers and the enterprises they’re a part of have one thing in common: They’re both swimming in data. The challenge is to use the data to reveal the insights that can lead to exceptionally superior customer experiences. This is your contact center’s customer analytics journey.

To guide you along the way, Gartner has defined five levels of maturity that must be addressed: Basic, Opportunistic, Systematic, Differentiating and Transformational.

Your organization must overcome real business challenges at every maturity level. These include:

  • Establishing financial ROI on projects that improve customer experience (CX) remains challenging.
  • Data and analytics leaders often struggle to understand the current level of analytics maturity exhibited by their companies — a necessary step to charting a roadmap for further analytics improvements.
  • CX analytics maturity is not solely a technology issue — frequently the people, skills and organizational structures (including processes and cultures) need to be tackled first before maturing the technology.

It’s Time to Define Your Roadmap to Analytics Maturity

Discover your own customer analytics maturity level, and confidently move forward with a clear roadmap in hand. To get started, download the complimentary Gartner report today.

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