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Mattersight Personality Labs | Here's What Personality Sounds LikeMankind has spent millennia studying, distilling and categorizing human behavior — with varying degrees of sincerity and rigor — in order to better understand people’s actions and motivations. Yet solid, scientifically-validated personality insight does exist, and the pursuit of it is deeply worthwhile, not only for individuals seeking to better understand themselves, their friends and their loved ones but, as it turns out, for organizations and enterprises looking to facilitate more meaningful, emotionally-resonant human experiences. In this report, Mattersight VP of Data Science Andrew Traba and Mattersight Chief People Officer and Senior Behavioral Model Expert Melissa Moore explore:

  • The science and methodology behind analyzing language for personality
  • Common linguistic advertisements of the six personality styles based on a 1B data set
  • How organizations can become more aware of and responsive to personality in their vision and practices

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