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Focus Improvement

Gain the acuity to really understand your customers and the metrics most impacting your business. Target collective efforts to drive impact.

Customize Coaching

Deliver the targeted and personalized coaching that leads to measurable improvements.

Benchmark Outsourcers

Compare outsourcer performance and enable performance-based contracts on the metrics that most impact your business.

Performance Management Products


Get a 360-degree view of contact center performance, allowing you to implement targeted and personalized coaching to increase agent engagement and boost customer satisfaction.

Drive Improvement

Easily identify the people and locations that impact you the most so that you can implement improvements to drive organizational success.

Personalize Your Coaching Strategy

Identify the key metrics and underlying drivers of contact center performance. Understand which groups, locations, supervisors and agents can generate quick wins.

Visualize Your Data

Use powerful visualizations, including heat maps, call paintings, and an intuitive interface to quickly identify improvement areas.

Predictive Metrics and Predictive NPS

Integrate your existing satisfaction survey with Mattersight's powerful behavioral algorithms to automatically predict NPS scores on every customer conversation.

Predict Customer Behavior

From purchasing intent to customer satisfaction, powerful algorithms uncover insight into your customers' behavior.

Score 100% of Conversations

Gather the data and insights necessary not only to understand what your customers intend to do next, but why they are doing it.

Immediate Impact

Robust customer insights allow you to proactively address customer needs and drive action throughout your organization.

QA Automation

Streamline your QA process with increased efficiency by analyzing 100% of your conversations and automatically flagging for QA review.

Analyze 100% of Conversations

Evaluate every customer conversation for adherence to your QA checklist through consistent measurement and scoring methodology.

Automate QA Assignments

Automatically flag and assign audit conversations to the QA team based on agent needs and organizational priorities.

Streamline the QA Process

An easy-to-use web portal allows your QA team to focus on the right conversations with the right agents at the right time.

Outsourcer Performance

Maximize the effectiveness of your outsource partners by gaining a deeper understanding of efficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Visualize Performance

Understand performance at a glance through an intuitive dashboard.

Manage Outsourcer Performance

Armed with robust insights, you can evaluate partners and manage improved outcomes.

Identify Bad Agent Behaviors

Ensure agents and outsource partners are contributing to improved customer experience.

Conversation Data

Capture customer interaction data in high definition. Build the foundation of your enterprise customer analytics engine.

Better Data

Mattersight goes beyond tone and tenor, using stereo recording, agent phone data, and best-in-class transcription to understand the complex interplay between customers and agents.

Deeper Analytics

Build the foundation for a high powered analytics engine with high-quality and organized data.

Reduced Risk

World-class data and security: ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, AICPA, and Privacy Shield Framework.

Behavioral Communication Training

Train your agents in the power of personality and see the impact with more engaging and productive customer conversations.

Engage Agents

Captivate your agents through interactive media and fun games while they learn to have more impactful customer conversations.

Delight Customers

Our training platform leverages a sophisticated behavioral model used by NASA to help agents identify, understand and connect with customers’ unique personalities.

Boost Key Metrics

As your agents apply their knowledge, witness handle time reductions and increased customer satisfaction through shorter, more satisfying conversations.

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